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Removal of etheric plug and liberation of Goddess Vortex near Salt Lake City

On June 29th, we successfully removed an etheric plug or containment cap that was suppressing a goddess vortex near Salt Lake City, UT.

This goddess vortex is located at the intersection point of many ley lines as shown in the Becker-Hagens Planetary Earth Grid. The actual intersection is located in the Salt Lake just east of Antelope Island.

We traveled to and arrived at a campground on the north end of Antelope Island on Friday, June 28th. We were then instructed to go scope out the area toward the southeast part of the island that evening. We spent time looking and feeling for where the specific location of the plug that was suppressing the vortex. After initially looking toward the lake where we thought it should be given the ley line maps, Kunde-Ra was then guided to look inland.  We had stopped at a small parking lot for a trailhead that we had been guided to two years before, and Kunde-Ra felt he was to go and look over a nearby ridge. So he climbed the hill, used his wings to feel for the blockage, and eventually found it in hidden hollow with a lone Bison bull lying down marking the spot. The actual area of the plug was larger than the size of the hollow, but at least we had the center of it identified. A further confirmation of the area was given to us by the movement of a large herd of Bison (buffalo) to a location marking the southern edge of the cap where they crossed the road.

Then on Saturday at noon we went as guided back to that site and began to remove the plug. My wife first unlocked it by wrapping her wings around the plug. And then we waited quite awhile for the local Agarthans to perform their work of severing the connections holding the plug in place, before Kunde-Ra used his wings to lift and release the plug. During all of this work, it was VERY HOT—over 100 degrees F.  Normally we would then have expected to experience the wonderful goddess Gaia energy flowing out. But that did not happen at this time. Instead we were asked to come back later. Our guides gave us an exact time to go back in the evening, 8 PM. Well when we got back at 8 PM, the sun was just beginning to set and create shade. So it significantly cooled things off, and we were much more comfortable.

We received direction from a friend that we were to lay down a burgundy/maroon Flower of Life mandala on the area and call on the assistance of all female ascended ones, especially the triune of KwanYin/Mary/Portia and the Lady of Lake Bonneville (the ancient sea of which the Great Salt Lake is now only a small fraction). After my wife did this, Kunde-Ra liquidated the local etheric archon grid, and then we both felt the goddess energy from the vortex begin to flow up and out. We then noticed a large purple/maroon rock that matched the color of the mandala used to open the vortex (the only one of its kind in the area) right where we had been standing. Mission accomplished!


Cleaning Wings Newsletter 6/18/2013

Plan to clear plug at Antelope Island

A containment cap is suppressing a goddess vortex near Salt Lake City, UT, and we are going there with the intention to liberate this important vortex. This suppressed Gaia energy is located at the intersection point of many Ley Lines as shown in the three attached graphics of the Becker-Hagens Planetary Earth Grid. The actual intersection is located in the Salt Lake just east of Antelope Island as you can see in the picture.

We have removed similar etheric plugs/containment caps from three other locations previously including Crater Lake in Oregon, Mesa Verde in Colorado, and Walnut Canyon in Arizona. (See previous newsletters on my website.) We remove these containment caps with the assistance and guidance of our positive ET and Agarthan friends. They tell us when and where to go, and after they are unlocked, I use my wings to extract the plug, and hand it to the ships. Before, during, and after the removal we always encounter significant opposition from negative and dark entities that support and maintain the suppression. I use my cleaning wings in these encounters/engagements.  This is over simplified, but gives the general idea.

We will leave for Antelope Island to do this work as soon as the resources become available for us to make the trip. It will require approximately $1000 in diesel fuel and RV Park fees for us to get there and back. If you would like to contribute to this effort, you may send a donation using the donation button on CleaningWings.com/services or through PayPal using my email address Kunde-Ra@cleaningwings.com.

Salt Lake Ley Lines

Antelope Island Ley Lines

Email Hacked

For about two weeks from the end of May, we were unable to send any email out from my cleaningwings.com account.

Although we could receive emails sent to my cleaningwings.com email address, no email sent out would be received. After significant troubleshooting with my web and email hosting provider, it was determined that all emails sent were getting dropped (deleted) by their email server. Initially they were able to fix it so that my emails could be sent, but soon realized that it was not just the sender info that triggered the emails to get deleted but also info in the body of the email. Any email I sent with either cleaningwings.com or chakraremoval.com in the body of the email was getting dropped by their email server as if it was spam. So although I could send some emails, I could not send out any that listed either of my websites even though those websites are hosted by the same hosting provider.

They tried to make changes that would allow the emails to go through but with only partial success. Finally I resorted to asking for help from our ET friends. Our ET friends found “ghosts in the machine” (basically negative entities actively blocking the emails), which they proceeded to remove. And sure enough, after the ETs took action with no further action on the part of the hosting provider, my outbound emails were again able to get through.

As a side note, the ETs have taken to rebooting my cell phone a new method to get my attention to tell me something. How do I know it is the ETs and not some software or hardware malfunction? Well, it took many attempts on my part to fix my phone without success and many messages from the ETs to prove it to me. The final concrete proof came when I got frustrated with the ETs for rebooting my phone late one night when I was very tired and wanting to sleep rather than sit up and get another message from them. I said to them, “prove it, if you are really doing this, then re-boot my phone again within a few minutes.” And a few minutes later they did it twice.

Liquidation of the assets of the etheric Archon grid

We have continued to “liquidate the assets” or structure of the etheric Archon grid in various locations. This structure is like the infrastructure of a building that the negative entities live within. It takes about an hour at each site. I go to the appropriate location, and then I experience the etheric structure get drawn into my wings where it gets dissolved or liquefied and then re-absorbed back into the Earth grid. I will then engage the newly homeless entities that come at us with my cleaning wings. Most recently we did this work at two sites in Phoenix, two near Albuquerque, and four around Denver. We plan to do this around Salt Lake City too when we go there to remove the containment cap (see above for info).

House Cleaning, Chakra Removals, Personal Cleaning

Of course we continue to clean houses of negative, stagnant, and dark energies and entities. No house is the same, as house has its unique set of challenges. Some have portals to allow dark entities to enter, some have devas that need rehabilitation, some have curses, and some have objects that hold quantities of dark energy way beyond their size. Who would have thought that clothes hangers or a silver spoon could retain such painful energies that permeated an entire room? We also assisted a recently deceased resident of a house go to the light.

And despite the controversial nature of chakra removals, we continue to receive many requests from people who resonate with the need and benefit of being free of their chakras. We have now successfully removed chakras from 12 people, half of them remotely via Skype. The chakra removal process is actually a process of dissolving the chakras and other implants. It includes the removal of the kundalini system and any limiting implants, devices, or structures that are ready for release.

We also continue to perform many personal cleanings with implant removals for people either not interested in or not in need of chakra removal.

We have received great pleasure and fulfillment in being able to assist people in releasing limitations in these ways. We are grateful for the many opportunities we’ve had to work with amazing lightworkers and lightwarriors during this time of rapid change and awakening on the planet.