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Cleaning Wings Radio Interviews

If you are interested in Cleaning Wings and/or chakra removal, please tune into these upcoming radio interviews with Maarten Horst.

Kunde-Ra will be doing an interview about Cleaning Wings with Maarten Horst on Finding Voices Radio this Monday, October 28th, at 12 Noon Pacific Time (3 PM Eastern, 7 PM England, 8 PM Europe, 5 AM Brisbane-Australia)

And then on Thursday, October 31st, Kunde-Ra will be doing another interview with Maarten Horst this time about chakra removal on BBS Talk Radio, ET-First Contact Radio. Starts at 1 PM Pacific Time (4 PM Eastern, 8 PM England, 9 PM Central Europe, 6 AM Brisbane-Australia)
Always the Latest Galactic News on ET-First Contact Radio!

If you miss either of these shows, the archives will be available two days later. I will post their links on this blog:


Public Disclosure: I Remove Chakras

For the benefit of full transparency and to bring into the Light to purify and cleanse any obstacles to the Victory of the Light and the Liberation of Planet Earth, I publicly state my truth. I do not have any chakras. And I remove people’s chakras.

In March of this year (2013), Sanat Kumara upgraded my Wings and gave me the ability to remove implants and chakras. I did NOT ask for this ability. Prior to this, I did not know that chakras could be permanently removed. Prior to this, I had relatively little knowledge of chakras and their benefits or functions. Yes, I had heard people talk about their benefits and functions, and I was aware that chakras were modular and could be replaced if they got blown out or damaged, but I had little interest as I was not a “healer.” I was an IT manager.

Then one day, moments after Sanat Kumara gave me that upgrade to my Wings, I received an email from someone I had recently worked with to clean downtown Sacramento of negative astral entities and energies. She asked my opinion about an article “The Secret Behind the Chakras” that Kauilapele had posted on his March 15th blog post. As I started to read the article, I said to my wife, you have got to hear this. I then began reading the article to her. After finishing the article, she asked to hold my hands as she began to feel some distress. After she felt better, Sanat Kumara told us that I now had the ability to remove implants and chakras. We checked with our Higher Selves and discovered that I had just dissolved my wife’s chakras and kundalini system. When we asked about me, we found out that I had been without chakras for a few weeks already.

This news that I could remove or dissolve chakras and that being without chakras might be a good thing was shocking to me and took a long time to process. I immediately googled “chakra removal” and read everything I could find on the topic. How could I get validation that I was really removing/dissolving people’s chakras, and that it was a good thing?

Anyhow, to make a long story short, I have now removed/dissolved chakras for 20 people. And I have received wonderful feedback and validation from most of these people that they experienced significant benefits. Some people did not experience much, while others experienced a lot. But no one has shared any regrets or any negative effects from being without their chakras.

I believe that chakras have been a necessary part of the evolutionary process here on Earth, and that the chakra system has been an integral part of the separation game. By encouraging awareness of our own energy and the energy of others, they have been a useful tool in understanding and working with energy and growing our consciousness.

And now I also understand that chakras are implants that are an expression of the game of limitation and, among other effects, allow others to drain and contaminate our energy.  I perceive the chakra system to be an energy modulation structure that separates, compartmentalizes, and limits the flow of energy within us from our central core or “core essence”.

Bottom line is that I no longer wish to hide or downplay the fact that I have the ability to dissolve or remove other people’s chakras.

The time has come for me to stand up and state my place within the planetary integration and Ascension process. My role is to be that which heeds the plea of the darkness for the Light. The separation and duality game is over now, and the darkness (although unconscious and with a faint voice deep inside) is asking to be taken back into the Light and to end their suffering and separation from Source. I am here to answer that call.

As in all things, use your own tools of discernment and resonance.

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