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Vow and Agreement Breaking

An example of an agreement that many people have and may wish to break is the agreement to allow oneself to be constrained by the limitation of our choices.  This agreement has many implications and many layers.

Every choice creates a limitation. A choice to buy one thing reduces (limits) the money in your account, thus restricting your ability to buy other things. The choice to spend time at work, reduces (limits) your time to spend with your kids/wife/dog. But in how many ways to do we let ourselves be constrained by these limitations and just settle for second best after a choice is made. We settle for the item we received, rather than returning the item to get what your really want. We continue to go to work, rather than taking time off work the next day to spend time with your family that you did not spend today?

We choose to turn right instead of left, and we have now changed our direction. But how often do we let this change in direction constrain the direction that we continue to go? How long do we force ourselves to continue to go down one path even when we start to feel it is not in our highest good, or the fun has gone out of that path? How many societal restraints are there to changing our mind?

The matrix attempts to limit our choices, and previously we have allowed ourselves to be constrained by the limited choices that are offered to us. Go to a restaurant and there are limited choices on the menu, but what if you don’t want anything on the menu? Do you think to yourself, “I have already sat down in the restaurant, so I might as well order something”?

I suggest that we all break our agreement to allow ourselves to be constrained by the limitation of our choices.

Below is the Agreement Breaking formula that we now use.

“By the power and force of my will and by my authority as a sovereign being, I break any and all agreements that I, or anyone else in this body, has ever made consciously or unconsciously to allow myself to be constrained by the limitation of my choices.
     I declare all these agreements now null and void in this and in all my incarnations across all space and time, all parallel realities and parallel universes, all alternate realities and alternate universes, all planetary systems, all source systems, all dimensions, and in the Void. And so it is!”

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