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Avoid Getting Tied Up in Not’s

Regarding the use of “not” or “never” when removing, revoking or rescinding agreements, contracts, vows or curses, or withdrawing one’s consent.

We agree with the idea that we must withdraw our consent from many forms of imposition. However, we also believe that the wording used when breaking agreements is very important. And the use of the word “not”, as in “I do not consent to …<fill in the blank>” can be ineffective and counter-productive.

We co-create our reality by and through agreement(s). The universe rearranges itself to accommodate our pictures of reality. A chair “is” a chair because we agree to it being a chair. If we see/perceive/know of something, we have already agreed at some point or level to have it in our reality. We have manifested our agreement already, or we wouldn’t be aware of whatever it is. Some part of our energy has already gone into that creation/manifestation, which is what makes it binding to us.  We need to accept what we’ve already created–what we’ve already invested our energy into–in order to revoke our agreement to its continued existence as a creation.

We have to allow/acknowledge what’s already created in order to move on.  ”Not” and “never” express negation, which constitutes resistance and lack of acceptance. Negating and denying just gives more energy to the already existing creation. We must rescind, release, revoke, or break the pre-existing agreement to address what’s already in our reality, rather than negate or deny it. You have to fully accept whatever “it” is first in order to stand firmly in your own power as a creator. Only then can you remove your consent, to remove your energy from that creation. 

The universe knows us and itself as unlimited creators. It’s very inclusive. Resistance is a form of denial or lack of acceptance, an attempt to exclude. 

Another way of looking at this is that what we resist persists. A great way to feed something, to create more of something, is to declare war on it, to declare it an enemy. Look at the wars on drugs and poverty, for example. The intention in declaring those wars was to create more of those things, not less. That’s why I encourage being aware of the programmed tendency to run “enemy patterning”, making something or someone an enemy. I am reminded to make effort to be in acceptance of what is, what I have created in my reality. Then I have power to choose to create something else.

After releasing your energy from a creation, it is sometimes helpful to be conscious of what you choose to create with that energy going forward.  “I choose…….”.  I recommend following your Higher Self’s guidance regarding choices. 

Taking a stand in one’s power is different than resisting. Taking a stand is choosing to create from the ground of your being in the face of force or attempted coercion from another.

Feel the difference between “I withdraw/break/revoke my agreement to……”  and “I do not agree to…..”.

We also recommend another explanation on this topic in a blog post by Robert Gandrup.
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