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The SuperConscious Technique

Permission is granted from the publisher – Earth Mission to reproduce The SuperConscious Technique.  This technique is taken from the Earth Mission eBook “The SuperConscious Technique”.  You may acquire the complete eBook here;

The following explanation of the SuperConscious Technique was posted by Star Gazer ~ Cheryl on February 15, 2012 on International Starseed Network.

The technique was developed over years of working with the creative aspects of the Universe and its interaction with the human mind,on the basis that the subconscious mind can be accessed by either the conscious mind or the SUPERCONSCIOUS mind.

There is an aspect of the mind that screens information that you experience based on what you call important or unimportant. This aspect of the mind somehow communicates to the Universe and then the Universe then rearranges itself to manifest a reality by whatever is being called important or unimportant.

And as with most things in life, manifestation occurs more quickly and easily if it’s left in the hands of spirit.




So, what does that all mean?

SuperConscious (a request for its attention), by the Force of Grace, (a request for transcending possible karmic slow-ups and entanglements), will you manifest (create an experience of the reality of) the essence of (the energetic possibility of) the performance and effect (the demonstration and impact on reality) and embodiment of (channel the reality through my body), the highest possibilities (we certainly dont want the lowest) of __________________________ (this is the place where we make our specific reorganization requests) so the power of that (so the vital spiritual force of that) can be manifested fully in my experience (can be experienced as a new reality in my life). And so it is. (we say this so the conscious mind will is clear that it doesn’t have to try and baby-sit this request).

After you have used the SuperConscious Technique, its useful not to think about it too much and to ask your mind to follow the guidance of your spirit (inner guidance) so you can flow with the reorganization of your ‘picture of reality.’ This often begins immediately after the request has been made. Due to the limitations of this plane of existence, some requests take longer to fulfill than others.

Additional Insights on Using the SUPERCONSCIOUS Technique from the complete eBook version.

We use the SUPERCONSCIOUS Technique when we need to develop something in ourselves or when we need something manifested to support us in fulfilling our Divine purpose.

The SUPERCONSCIOUS Technique is a powerful little tool that helps us to access our higher, spiritual mind. We consider it a form of prayer. It is a way to consciously make a direct and formal request of the Superconscious mind to rearrange unconscious pictures of reality.

The major point of leverage in your transformation from being a master of limitation to being a master of divine expression is having access to technologies that can change your pictures of reality. It is not a magic incantation that will make the great parent in the sky drop a little present on you.

Some people use the SUPERCONSCIOUS Technique, and if their request doesn’t occur immediately, they say, “This technique doesn’t work. I’m not going to use it.” It requires patience. Your request may not be fulfilled immediately.

Let’s say that you have done a SUPERCONSCIOUS and the Universe is busy rearranging itself to accommodate your request. You have just made a request that your unconscious pictures of reality be restructured, whether you realize it or not. Guess who is the easiest element to adjust in these new pictures of reality? You are. Many times, when a specific request has been made, the distorted, unconscious pictures of reality begin to come to the surface and are restructured. This allows for new pictures of reality to be integrated in order to accommodate your request.

When things start shifting, it may appear that the opposite of your request is happening. It is useful to remember during these times that your request is being answered. You find yourself integrating and working with new pictures of reality. New qualities are emerging in you. Your job is to leave it in the hands of your SUPERCONSCIOUS, and then return to following your Spirit without hesitation.

The gift of the SUPERCONSCIOUS Technique is that once you make a request of your Spirit, you can then let it go. You no longer need to keep making the same requests over and over. Just know that it is now in the hands of your own beloved Spirit. The Universe is rearranging itself in perfect Divine timing. You can’t hurry the development of qualities in yourself and you can’t hurry the presence of all the other elements that are necessary to fulfill your request.

We look at current reality for indications about things that would be useful if they existed in our reality or were developed in ourselves. These are indications about the next steps of our lives. We know that these things need to happen. We ask our SUPERCONSCIOUS to take care of it.

The SUPERCONSCIOUS Technique is perfect for people that follow their Spirit. They recognize that they don’t know all that is going on and they are aware that they are not in control. They are just humble servants of a higher order of something that is happening. They have indications of next steps. They have pieces of data and messages from their Spirit about what to deal with next. It gives them the option of periodically making requests, based on what they see in the situations before them.

Those of us who are the builders of Heaven on Earth find it very helpful to use the SUPERCONSCIOUS Technique . We hope that you find it helpful also.

Blessings.  © Copyright 2012 Earth Mission.  All rights reserved.