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The Event Bullet points

Event Ahead ImageThis information came from someone whose opinion we respect a lot.

  • The Event is not simply a physical change in the ruling powers, but also a change in the non-physical control system.
  • The Event requires the participation of everyone on Earth, including all physical and unembodied beings trapped here by the fragmentation of soul families.
  • The Event will provide everyone a new opportunity to establish the life of their free will’s desire in alignment with Earth’s path.
  • The Event is not a military operation, but rather it is an awakening of people to their true power of self-determination and the awareness of greater realities.

ET First Contact Radio about Sacred Earth Liberation 10/14/2013

Maarten Horst radio show interviews about the Sacred Earth Liberation project.
For more information or to donate to this project, go to:

ET First Contact Radio with Ada Shaw and Kunde-Ra 10/14/2013

Cleaning Wings Radio Interviews

If you are interested in Cleaning Wings and/or chakra removal, please tune into these upcoming radio interviews with Maarten Horst.

Kunde-Ra will be doing an interview about Cleaning Wings with Maarten Horst on Finding Voices Radio this Monday, October 28th, at 12 Noon Pacific Time (3 PM Eastern, 7 PM England, 8 PM Europe, 5 AM Brisbane-Australia)

And then on Thursday, October 31st, Kunde-Ra will be doing another interview with Maarten Horst this time about chakra removal on BBS Talk Radio, ET-First Contact Radio. Starts at 1 PM Pacific Time (4 PM Eastern, 8 PM England, 9 PM Central Europe, 6 AM Brisbane-Australia)
Always the Latest Galactic News on ET-First Contact Radio!

If you miss either of these shows, the archives will be available two days later. I will post their links on this blog:

Revealing the Impostor by Lisa Renee

October 2013

Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

Our planet is undergoing an incredible quantum event within the energetic fields as the collective consciousness frequencies are reaching their divergence point; this necessitates the bifurcation of timelines. The bifurcation of time impacts the quantum reality, the unmanifested field potential and the external impacts in the process of which energy manifests into physical matter. Everything we have known to be in our physical world is undergoing rapid shifting to Reveal the Impostor spirit energy that has remained hidden inside our own bodies, minds and perceptions. The impostor spirit is also synonymous with false light, dead energy and unhealed negative ego architecture having the authority over the direction of one’s body, mind and spirit.

An Impostor is defined as any entity or human being that is saying words or expressions, or making representations that it does not embody, nor comprehend, nor behave or act in accordance with.

An Impostor Spirit is the Luciferian or Satanic Spirit which promotes false light authority and anti-life architecture through deception, lies of omission, manipulation with malice to promote intentional harm, death or destruction to serve its personal agenda.

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The manuscript of survival – part 365

aisha north

As you have perhaps already seen, things have definitely picked up speed now, and as such, the days and weeks ahead will be more than eventful for you all. Again, you will be all set to expect a certain chain of events to take place, but please remember this plan is carefully planned, and even if you should have some prior knowledge of it, you do not have all the details, and as such, a human mind is not even capable of picturing it all in full and glorious detail. For you have been well groomed for this, but still there is much that is kept hidden from view, and so we caution you to expect the unexpected. For what you are about to witness will not be like anything you are expecting to observe and as such, we caution you to throw any previous knowledge to the wind and…

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ET First Contact Radio about Sacred Earth Liberation 10/17/2013

Maarten Horst radio show interviews about the Sacred Earth Liberation project.
For more information or to donate to this project, go to:

ET First Contact Radio with Ada Shaw, Kunde-Ra, and Dimitrios 10/17/2013

The Galactic Historian – 2 Hour Discussion On The Manipulation Of The Ascension Timeline & Coming Event

Andrew Bartzis is known as The Galactic Historian. Learn what that is and how Andrew became the Historian. He will explore our Galactic History and Galactic Future, what humanity is up against and why humanity has been duped to believe this illusion. He explores these forces that have existed way beyond the creation of this Galaxy, how and why these forces came into existence and have set their camp on this planet. Find out how humanity has been enslaved and kept in slavery through the Karmic Wheel and other intergalactic schemes.

Andrew discusses The Event, how we can break free from this Matrix and what Ascension really looks like. He revokes our contracts with the banking system and media on air! It is Extremely Powerful!

Andrew will go into very detailed information about the history of humanity and the forces and hierarchies that are currently in play and what we all have to do to break free!