Why must we go to the physical location of vortexes to liberate them?

Why must we go to the physical location of vortexes to liberate them? Why can’t we open vortexes remotely from home?

This question is a good one. Think of powerful energy centers or sacred sites around the world like Machu Picchu, the Great Pyramids in Egypt, Mt. Shasta, Lourdes, crop circles in England, or Stonehenge. People travel to these power centers around the planet to experience the wonderful uplifting energy. I do not know of anyone who can experience the specific energy of these places while physically in a different location. 

Well the same is true of these vortexes that we are liberating. They are similar spiritual or sacred energy centers as mentioned above, but forces that do not want the natural energy of the earth to flow in these locations have suppressed them. 

When we go there physically we can experience the effect of the suppression, the energetic work of removing the suppression, and then we viscerally and palpably feel the incredible energy of Gaia pouring forth when the vortex is liberated and freed to flow naturally. This is not just a visualization exercise.

Bottom line is that with the physical body on the ground, you can feel what needs to be done; you can feel the responses to the work, because your body as an extension of earth knows. It can feel the changes and when the work has completed. In addition, these vortexes are just too large and the suppression too complex to be handled remotely. Also, when you are there physically all of your attention and focus can be there. When remote, a lot of your physical attention and focus is on your current location.

It is the same thing with ley lines. You gotta go there to the ley lines to heal them and remove the suppression.


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