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Sacred Earth Liberation project

We are part of the team going to liberate a major vortex described at  The region in which this vortex is located has had ongoing violence for decades as a direct result of the suppression of this vortex, and lawlessness in this area has provided massive opportunities for the Cabal to increase its control over the world’s money supply. Atrocities are ongoing. This vortex is profoundly linked to the suppression of women and feminine energy, and we intend to liberate and restore this Gaia vortex so that it may once again shower its blessings upon the world. The Sacred Earth Liberation project is to liberate this particularly large and major vortex. It is almost 12 miles wide (19 km), and its liberation and reactivation will be another major step in triggering “the Event”.

My wife and I have become quite experienced at this. With the assistance of various light workers, Agarthans, Positive ETs, Light ships, and other beings of Light, we have already liberated 5 large Gaia vortexes and 5 smaller vortexes all of which had been suppressed and were failing to provide the wonderful nurturing earth energy to the surface which enables life to thrive.

We have liberated and opened these Gaia vortexes throughout the western United States, and some of the large ones include Mesa Verde National Park (CO), Walnut Canyon National Monument (AZ), Crater Lake (OR), and Antelope Island (UT). Descriptions of our adventures can be found in our newsletters at

The process has involved the use of my wings to first clean the area of dark entities supporting and maintaining the etheric plug or containment cap. Then after my wife unlocks the obstruction by toning specific codes into it, I have used my wings to loosen and release the plug, and then lift it up and out. In most cases there have been etheric cables holding the plug in place that must be cut before the plug is finally able to be taken away by Light ships and Light beings. For more information about my wings see

In all cases, after the obstruction has been removed from the vortex, and it has been fully liberated, great quantities of Goddess energy are released from the earth. This is palpable and feels like tremendously nurturing warm golden honey. Sometimes this energy has immediately spurted up from the vortex like a geyser or fountain, and at other times it has slowly oozed out to fill the entire surrounding area.

You may find additional information at: where we are also accepting donations to help fund this expedition to restore this massive counter-evolutionary vortex to the Light.

The suppressed vortex in question is in a remote part of the world, and is a source of continued massive dark activity causing significant violence and strife throughout the world. It is depriving the region where it is located and the rest of the world of the positive evolutionary energy we need to thrive.

It is time to liberate this Gaia vortex now.

To avoid or minimize risk (both etheric and physical), we need to keep this location classified for the safety and security of the people involved. The Cabal and the archons will lose a major stronghold when this vortex is liberated. We need to pay for plane tickets, immunizations, and visas for the team, as well as significant on the ground costs while traveling to the location. We have planned very carefully down to the last detail, and estimate this trip will take approximately 10 days. For security reasons, we cannot provide further details on cost and location at this time.

After we return, we will post a report with photos of the experience and the location of the vortex itself. And of course we will be happy to talk all about the experience in detail upon our return!

We need your help to get there and liberate this major vortex in October, then we can remove another obstacle to the liberation of planet earth and optimize the chances for the Event to occur this year.


Why must we go to the physical location of vortexes to liberate them?

Why must we go to the physical location of vortexes to liberate them? Why can’t we open vortexes remotely from home?

This question is a good one. Think of powerful energy centers or sacred sites around the world like Machu Picchu, the Great Pyramids in Egypt, Mt. Shasta, Lourdes, crop circles in England, or Stonehenge. People travel to these power centers around the planet to experience the wonderful uplifting energy. I do not know of anyone who can experience the specific energy of these places while physically in a different location. 

Well the same is true of these vortexes that we are liberating. They are similar spiritual or sacred energy centers as mentioned above, but forces that do not want the natural energy of the earth to flow in these locations have suppressed them. 

When we go there physically we can experience the effect of the suppression, the energetic work of removing the suppression, and then we viscerally and palpably feel the incredible energy of Gaia pouring forth when the vortex is liberated and freed to flow naturally. This is not just a visualization exercise.

Bottom line is that with the physical body on the ground, you can feel what needs to be done; you can feel the responses to the work, because your body as an extension of earth knows. It can feel the changes and when the work has completed. In addition, these vortexes are just too large and the suppression too complex to be handled remotely. Also, when you are there physically all of your attention and focus can be there. When remote, a lot of your physical attention and focus is on your current location.

It is the same thing with ley lines. You gotta go there to the ley lines to heal them and remove the suppression.

ET Intervention on Earth (Part 3) – By Open

Source Link: OpenHandWeb.Org

ET Intervention on Earth (Part 3)

Submitted by Open on 1 September, 2013 – 07:28

Breaking the Intervention

Recently, the precarious situation for Humanity here on 3D Earth has intensified beyond belief. We’re witnessing a wholesale onslaught of our natural eco-systems by an ET Opposing Consciousness acting behind the scenes, pulling the strings of power. GMO, geo-engineering, sweeping control of business and banking, the false flag war on terror, an intense media clampdown, altogether strongly indicate the intention to control our planet, creating a synthetic reality with humanity enslaved within. It will not succeed! A new evolution on 5D Earth will liberate humanity and Gaia will reclaim the physical plain. This third part of the series, is about how can we each be a part of that realignment…


“The Matrix” is an iconic film of our time. But as many others, I also believe it to be a powerful metaphor – a divine message – to humanity during these times of great upheaval and thereby great opportunity…

We are indeed living in a matrix of energy: various frequencies of vibration, purposefully entwined to separate mankind from higher conscious awareness. Past life memories have been wiped and DNA progressively downgraded by a toxic onslaught to sense and sensibility. The only meaningful solution is evolution – elevation into a more highly divine form – something I’ve felt given to call “Homo Divinicus”.

I’ve been working behind the scenes as a part of a higher dimensional team. It was realised that although perhaps desirable, the matrix could not be brought to a sudden end. It would risk catastrophe and chaos. The Opposing Consciousness allianceconsisted of several inter-related species. If these could be progressively realigned with the source, then the matrix would unwind in a more manageable way. It had to proceed as a ‘managed demolition’. I strongly believe we’re now witnessing the early stages of this. It’s why there’s so much controlled desperation witnessed in the choices made by our world ‘leaders’. They’re losing their grasp on power.

It was the higher Annunaki Consciousness that began to realign first. Although able to operate through individual form, it is a highly advanced – collectivised – consciousness, able to bring manifesting power to bear as one, and act through people. That’s what made it so powerful. In my knowing, it had been disconnected from the source during the tumultuous ascension of the Sirius Star system some 120 million years ago. Since that time, the Annunaki had been ‘floating adrift’ – disconnected from the source – filling the void by creating and manipulating synthetic realities.

Public Disclosure: I Remove Chakras

For the benefit of full transparency and to bring into the Light to purify and cleanse any obstacles to the Victory of the Light and the Liberation of Planet Earth, I publicly state my truth. I do not have any chakras. And I remove people’s chakras.

In March of this year (2013), Sanat Kumara upgraded my Wings and gave me the ability to remove implants and chakras. I did NOT ask for this ability. Prior to this, I did not know that chakras could be permanently removed. Prior to this, I had relatively little knowledge of chakras and their benefits or functions. Yes, I had heard people talk about their benefits and functions, and I was aware that chakras were modular and could be replaced if they got blown out or damaged, but I had little interest as I was not a “healer.” I was an IT manager.

Then one day, moments after Sanat Kumara gave me that upgrade to my Wings, I received an email from someone I had recently worked with to clean downtown Sacramento of negative astral entities and energies. She asked my opinion about an article “The Secret Behind the Chakras” that Kauilapele had posted on his March 15th blog post. As I started to read the article, I said to my wife, you have got to hear this. I then began reading the article to her. After finishing the article, she asked to hold my hands as she began to feel some distress. After she felt better, Sanat Kumara told us that I now had the ability to remove implants and chakras. We checked with our Higher Selves and discovered that I had just dissolved my wife’s chakras and kundalini system. When we asked about me, we found out that I had been without chakras for a few weeks already.

This news that I could remove or dissolve chakras and that being without chakras might be a good thing was shocking to me and took a long time to process. I immediately googled “chakra removal” and read everything I could find on the topic. How could I get validation that I was really removing/dissolving people’s chakras, and that it was a good thing?

Anyhow, to make a long story short, I have now removed/dissolved chakras for 20 people. And I have received wonderful feedback and validation from most of these people that they experienced significant benefits. Some people did not experience much, while others experienced a lot. But no one has shared any regrets or any negative effects from being without their chakras.

I believe that chakras have been a necessary part of the evolutionary process here on Earth, and that the chakra system has been an integral part of the separation game. By encouraging awareness of our own energy and the energy of others, they have been a useful tool in understanding and working with energy and growing our consciousness.

And now I also understand that chakras are implants that are an expression of the game of limitation and, among other effects, allow others to drain and contaminate our energy.  I perceive the chakra system to be an energy modulation structure that separates, compartmentalizes, and limits the flow of energy within us from our central core or “core essence”.

Bottom line is that I no longer wish to hide or downplay the fact that I have the ability to dissolve or remove other people’s chakras.

The time has come for me to stand up and state my place within the planetary integration and Ascension process. My role is to be that which heeds the plea of the darkness for the Light. The separation and duality game is over now, and the darkness (although unconscious and with a faint voice deep inside) is asking to be taken back into the Light and to end their suffering and separation from Source. I am here to answer that call.

As in all things, use your own tools of discernment and resonance.

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Using Divine Light to Dispel the Darkness that Hides Within Us

By David Almeida | Originally Published September 1, 2013 at 8:11 pm | Last Updated September 3, 2013 at 1:26 amSummary

Divine light as an expression of divine love is a potent force for removing dangerous negative entities from one life. This article discusses the insidious nature of dark spirits and how the manipulate your thoughts and emotions to gain control of life. Dark spirits can be removed with help of Lightworkers who beings of divine love.


In past articles, I’ve discussed the dangers of allowing unwanted dark spirits to enter our lives. I want to make a correction to what I said about these creatures. I stated that these malicious entities have no power. After conducting further research, I have come to the realization that these nasty energies do, in fact, have a way of inserting themselves into our lives and influencing our thoughts. It sometimes gets to the point that some people are no longer able to distinguish common reality from non-reality.

Dark spirits are notoriously deceptive. They can even kill you. People who are emotionally fragile may not be able to physically, mentally, or emotionally capable of repelling the advances of these dark entities. A person might suffer a mental breakdown or even commit suicide as the spirit strengthens its hold over its host and gains power.

The presence of a dark spirit may visibly manifest in a person with symptoms of mental illness. The most common manifestation of an evil spirit within the body is depression. Trauma victims and people involved tragic events are wide open to the infiltration of dark entities. I’ve mentioned before that dark spirits are opportunistic. They target easy prey. They go after those individuals who are vulnerable and unable to repel their psychic attack.

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