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LA Cleaning and Mesa Verde

Last Sunday, with the help of 10 powerful and dedicated lightworkers, we cleaned downtown LA and closed several portals that the dark forces were using to populate LA. Including my wife and I, there were 12 of us.

We conducted several organizing meetings prior and everyone received personal cleanings. Then on Sunday we gathered at Grand Park near the Civic Center, and proceeded to the Civic Center Metro Station. Walking down the steps to the Metro Station was unlike anything I have ever felt before. Although my wings were open and fully engaged, I had to push against a heavy flow of dark energies coming out of the station as if I was pushing against an upward flowing waterfall.  Some people with us could see faces in that negative energy or felt terror walking down those steps. Once we got to the bottom it did not take long for members of our group to find the portals, as they were pretty distinct and felt dark and “malevolent”.

With the support and participation of the group, I used my wings to close each of the portals (about 10) one after the other. When they were all closed, I again used my wings to seal the area, and perform a final cleaning. Everyone was able to feel the difference in the energy of the place when we completed. It felt much cleaner to me, at least until the negative entities started attacking.

We quickly moved back out into the fresh air to take a break and re-group. There the ET’s cloaked/hid us from the engaging negative entities so that we could rest a bit. We then began our walk through downtown LA toward Pershing Square, cleaning the area as we went, with several breaks to re-energize and receive personal cleanings. Although the total distance was only about 1.5 miles, it was very strenuous maintaining focus and dealing with the dark energies. By the time we were done, most people felt exhausted.

Our ET friends indicated to us that we successfully closed the portals and significantly reduced the population of negative energies and entities in downtown LA. We were also informed that in the process we removed three Archons. Of course, the ETs and their ships were present with us the whole time directly supporting and guiding the effort. They even made a few small cloud formations for us to indicate their presence in an otherwise completely clear sky.

For those that participated with us in cleaning downtown LA, thank you again. I am very grateful for your generous contribution to this effort. I invite you to share your experiences with everyone by posting a comment on my blog.

For our next major engagement, we will be travelling to Mesa Verde in Colorado to “remove an ancient darkness holding back Earth’s energy from expression.” For those interested, there are a few ways you can help.

1.  Hold us and Mesa Verde in the light on Saturday between 5 and 5:30 PM Mountain Time (4 to 4:30 PM Pacific Time). That is when we will be removing the “cap”.

2.  Send us the names of trusted lightworkers who live in the area of the four corners in Colorado and New Mexico. We will contact them to give them the opportunity to lend their support.

3.  You may also contribute financial energy to this specific mission by making a donation on the “Services” page of the website.

I feel great inspiration from all the wonderful energies that people have given us at each personal and/or house cleaning.  I feel honored each time I have participated in the removal of these negative portals, energies, and entities.